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Innvestio is a widely-recognised company with many years of experience offering a range of accredited solutions in the packaging and printing sectors. 

It provides a variety of products for all stages of the production process, from pre-press to waste management solutions.

Wide range of machine solutions
for packaging and printing

Machines & Digital Units

A full range of printing equipment for small, medium and large-scale production of packaging, labels and miscellaneous packaging materials, from leading manufacturers, with high standards of print quality, advanced operating efficiency and production capacity, and a sustainable footprint. With a multitude of easy-to-use functions, either digital or more analog in nature, including specialised print management software, finishing, unwinding, printing, varnish application (semi-rotary or fully rotary), lamination, engraving and cutting, flexographic printing, matrix printers and rewinders, and more. The range is supplemented by other types of machines designed for more specialised industrial use, including: specialised digital printers, pre-printing machinery & photosensitive CtP machinery, solvent recycling machinery, waste management machinery and equipment, among others.

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Flexible Packaging & Lamination

A full range of high-precision user-friendly label cutting and engraving machines, with advanced efficiency in packaging production output, as well as the full range of supplementary consumables and accessories. Our machinery is able to cover the needs of small, medium and large print runs, for use with material shapes from 8 cm, with multiple capabilities (unwinding, matrix removal, cutting, engraving, laminating, etc.) with an emphasis on speed and reliability.

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Flexible Packaging & Lamination

First class expert technical support services

Specialised high-quality service and an extensive range of all the essential parts and consumables to ensure smooth and uninterrupted production. With tried and tested reliability and comprehensive technical know-how, our technical support staff have undergone high-level training and are experts in their field. Our technical consultants have be trained by major foreign manufacturing companies and are able to offer services across a wide range and complexity of tasks (from carrying out inspections, preventive maintenance, to key interventional work) and can intervene to rectify and resolve mechanical and/or electronic issues.

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First class expert technical support services

Press & Prepress

High-quality digital printing machines, designed to meet the highest productivity and reliability specifications that characterise industrial production lines, as well as providing a complete one-pass inkjet printing solution. More specifically, Smartjet printers offer a competitive advantage to packaging professionals by providing excellent solutions for small and medium volume printing of special materials such as paper bags, soup, envelopes, envelopes, cardboard, wood, glass, etc., up to a maximum thickness of 35cm.

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Press & Prepress

Learn about the full range of digital printing solutions for labeling, commercial printing, and specialty printing markets. We supply solutions for the printing and packaging market with a full range of flexible packaging production machinery using flexography (including machines for printing, laminating, roll-cutting, solvent recycling, etc.) Find out more here

Commercial suppliers that place their trust in Innvestio

Companies that have placed their trust in Innvestio cover a wide range of industrial applications, from printing plants, packaging companies, label manufacturers, (food, beverage and water companies), as well as primary sector companies. More specifically, they include the following:

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